The Parliament is an initiative EmpowerTU has developed to recognize, embrace, and empower all cohorts of Temple’s diverse student population. It is meant to be a representative platform to advocate for the voices of all perspectives. The goal of the Parliament is to enhance the Temple experience by engaging with students to set the agenda for new and effective programs based on the wants and needs of all Owls.

The Structure of The Parliament is designed to uplift voices of populations that may have been overshadowed in the past while maintaining an equal balance of representation. There are 37 representative seats: 12 School/College Based, 10 Year Based, 10 Issues based, and 5 At Large seats. The 10 Issues based seats include: 2 Multicultural seats,and one seat for representatives of Honors, RHA, DRS/AAL, Athletics, Sorority and Fraternity Life, Commuters, International Students, and LGBTQIA+ cohorts.

Applying to be a representative for The Parliament is applying to enact real change by advocating to better the population you represent. The characteristics of a successful Parliament Representative is one who seeks to uphold the high standards of Temple Student Government, and champion for the needs of all Temple students. Apart from being able to attend Parliament Meetings immediately after Monday General Assembly Meetings, and meeting each specific chair’s requirements, the qualifications to be a representative include: a 2.5 GPA or higher and the status of full time student with 12 or more credit hours.

Meet the Parliament


Jacob Kurtz : Parliamentarian (

Cameron Kaczor : Secretary (

Brianna Cicero : Communications (

Members At-Large

Nancy Allen : At-Large Representative (

Varun Sivakumar : At-Large Representative (

Pearl Joslyn : At-Large Representative (

Kenya Overton : At-Large Representative (

Marissa Martini : At-Large Representative (

lifestyle and cultural

Francesca Furey : RHA(

Hannah Donahue : Commuters (

Luke Tomczuk : DRS/AAL (

Graduate/Professional School Student (Vacant)

Amanda Morrison : Honors (

Keilon Rochford-Hawkins : International Students (

Cody Peck : LGBTQIA + (

Bridget B. Warlea : Multicultural (

Celine Corbie : Multicultural (




Colleges and schools

Alexis Culp : College of Education (

Jonathan Azor : College of Liberal Arts (

Angela Dillon : College of Public Health (

Shakeel Abbas Alibhai : College of Science and Technology (

Madison Taylor Ketcham : Tyler School of Art (

Kaya Jones : School of Media and Communications (

Mikayla Ferrell : School of Social Work (

Vincent Limon : School of Sports, Tourism, and Hospitality (

Doreen Nguyen : School of Theater Film and Media Arts (

Neil Chada : College of Engineering (

Joshua Carter : Boyer School of Music and Dance (

class representation

Jakob Morris: (Freshman) (

Daisy Confoy: (Freshman) (

Alex Mark : Second-year (Sophomore) (

Lubin Kunwoo Park : Second-year (Sophomore) (

Emily Wolak : Third-year (Junior) (

Georgia Owusu : Third-year (Junior) (

Adam Ray Huey Frick : Fourth-year (Senior) (

Sarah Levine : Fourth-year (Senior) (








Meeting Minutes


Passed Resolutions



Coming Soon for the Fall of 2017.

Parliament Members Support

Deciding to become a representative by joining Parliament is a major decision that may be overwhelming for some. Click on the link below to check out a list of best practices encouraged for the members of parliament.